In Series 1.5, we learned appropriate inclusive CommunicationDiscussions & Prioritization is necessary to help the Faith Entrepreneur determine which project(s) or idea(s) best suits the context from the list of recorded ideas. We also discovered appropriate communication and prioritization educates important Stakeholders about your project/idea and helps solicit the inputs and implication of interested ones.


Today, we’ll deal with the last stage of the Reveal Step known as Test. But this is only an introduction of the Testing Methodology the Faith Entrepreneur adopts to determine whether he or she is in the right direction. A special Series will get into details of the Testing Methodology.


Many people have great ideas and projects. But sad to say, most of these ideas aren’t God-breathed. Consequently, they have little impact in terms of building people’s Spiritual and Physical Capacities. Often times, entrepreneurs only want to become materially rich. True riches, however, aren’t determined by finances and material possessions. Rather by how much we serve one another and impact each other for the Kingdom sake.


As Faith Entrepreneurs (believers who desire to live God’s purpose), we’ve opted for the TCLR-Test developed by Treff-End. In this test:


  • T stands for Trustworthy (A test of the Authenticity and Integrity of the Project/Idea). In other words, it determines whether the idea is God-Breathed or not.


  • C stands for Compatible (Project/Ideas generated by Faith Entrepreneurs as well as the Implementation Methods should be compatible with God’s Words and the Context).


  • L stands for Lifechanging (Faith Entrepreneurs develop projects which meet the Spiritual and Physical needs of people especially believers in the Mission Field). In other words, the Impact of any project should be visible in the lives of the people it is meant for.


  • R stands for Resources (Projects/Ideas require People, Finances and Material Things) to realize them successfully. The Resource Test helps you determine whether you have the Minimum Resources Required to successfully achieve your objectives.


To successfully apply each part of the TCLR-Test, the Faith Entrepreneur answers a series of Questions. The answers to those questions will determine your Position and Strength.


Please find out more about the TCLR-Test in Series 5.


In Series 2, we’ll start with Step 2 of the God-Centered Design and Innovation Methodology known as Design.


In the Design Series, you’ll learn how to prepare your project or idea for effective and efficient implementation in the field.


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