1. Fear of God

Many worldly minds and intellectuals do not understand the importance of God’s divine revelations and principles in developing and maintaining good societies. Worldly systems focus too much on scientific and physical development forgetting that the spiritual world dictates what happens in the physical realm. Our societies fail to stand the test of times because people in those societies constantly reject divine principles. Without divine principles of guidance, everyone in the society does what is pleasing in his or her own eyes. Many of our current societies lack people with basic moral norms. Instead of properly redistributing resources and encouraging equality, most worldly societies encourage selfishness, wickedness, inequality, oppression, cheating and a survival of the fittest. This is the result of a lack of Godly fear.  Only God can truly guide a society to peace and prosperity through divine principles.



2. Choose the right education for your children 

Most policy makers and leaders have failed considerably on this point. Theoretical knowledge should balance practical knowledge. Many societies produce more jacks of all trades and masters of none then actual experts. A balanced society should have specific institutions and educational branches led by experts in those fields to ensure that people in the society fit in well-defined disciplines in which they will excel and be of help to their communities. Furthermore, those educational institutions should be well equipped with laboratories and research centers to ensure sustainability and innovation in all fields.


3. Encourage innovative approaches

Communities need to constantly generate solutions that match evolving challenges. Innovation should be guided by specific design patterns defined in the field of knowledge and understanding in those societies.



4. Eliminate fear of failure and oppression

Everyone is born with gifts and talents but most people go to their graves without utilizing those gifts and talents for the profit of humanity due to fear of failure. Many people in worldly communities are afraid of taking positive risks in fear of what people will say if they fail. However, there are also many societies governed by dictators who do not encourage the emergence of new possibilities in their societies due to fear of loosing control and positions of authority in those societies. As a result, many great ideas are ignored or overlooked by authorities in charge. This attitude cannot develop a society. People need to be given the necessary opportunities, possibilities and capacities to use their gifts and talents to benefit their societies.

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