List of Teachers who took part in the Lean Six Sigma training sessions to improve the teaching and learning processes in the schools:

– Madam Konjesta Joseph Mruma

– Mr. Godwin Filemon Kisasi

– Sir. Yohana Daudi Makonga

– Mr. Peterclavar A. Temba (Principal)

– Sir. Morris Mung’aro Katana

– Mr. Edibily Iddy Kwiyanka

– Madam Beatrice Christopher Nyombe


Training sessions in Mkuranga, Tanzania


These teachers successfully completed the training sessions and have been implementing the project in the LifeWayLight Schools since 2016. Training sessions were organized by John Mwafise W. and Hassan Yussuf with the help of material from the Master of Advanced Studies in Humanitarian Logistics And Management, University of Lugano, Switzerland.

Mr. Godwin Kisasi collecting views from students, Lifewaylight Schools, Mkuranka, Tanzania


Madam Konjesta Joseph trying to understand how she may be of help to students by interviewing them, 2016, Lifewaylight Schools, Mkuranga.


 Some of the identified bottlenecks currently being addressed include:

  • Ensure that lessons are well taught.
  • Ensure that students understand. This involves adopting diverse teaching techniques.
  • Ensure that parents follow-up their children at home.
  • Create a good balance between learning and other activities such as rest and leisure.
  • Ensure that the educational institutions are well-equipped with the appropriate equipment and tools.
  • Involve teachers and parents in talent orienting.
  • Improve the communication processes between teachers, students and parents through appropriate feedback mechanisms.


Mr Peterclavar collecting views from parent, October 2016, Mkuranga Tanzania


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