We’re always improving our capacities to help our customers discover and draw nearer to God through social innovations. We empower our customers to generate and carry out great ideas for the glory of God.

For the past three years, we developed simple, practical tools to help us be more effective in the field. This day, 27th of August 2021, we gladly announce our tools are ready and available online for our customers.

We divided our tools into three parts:

Part one has general information, which includes the Terms & Conditions to partner with us, Our Vision, Constitution and Values. All these give you the necessary information on who we are, how to engage with us and what we want to achieve together in the future.

The second part has Project Tools to help our customers generate and carry out a project idea God’s way. 

The third and last part comprises tests to help keep the project ideas our customers generate in line with our vision, goals and values.

For more information on how to use our tools, our customers can contact us through the contact form on our website www.treff-end.com or write us on treff@treff-end.com or jmw@treff-end.com.

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