Woteva Village is situated on the East Foot of Mount Cameroon (N4° 13.425′ E9° 17.960′), at an altitude ranging from 650 to 1300m above sea level. As an Eco-Tourist, there many options of things you can do in the village. You can relax, breath the fresh air and enjoy good natural food, fruits and nuts. Examples of locally grown food crops include Coco-yams, yams, plantains, cassava, various vegetables and a lot more. Most of the inhabitants of Woteva Village are Bakwerians. The traditional dish of Bakwerians is known as ”EKwakoko Na Ngonya Mbiya” or ”Ekwakoko Ya Maouja”. It’s an amazing mix of ground coco-yams and palm nut soup/oil. The soup is usually cooked with pork, beef or dried fish and natural vegetables.

Coco-yam plants – Woteva Village


Fruits you can expect include guavas, pineapples, sour sops, wild apples, sugar cane, jack fruits, pawpaws, oranges, mangoes and a variety of wild fruits. If you’re interested in improving the well-being of people, you can support Woteva villagers to generate, design and implement sustainable development projects. Examples of ongoing projects include planting Cedrela trees, identifying and developing additional Eco-touristic sites, regeneration of the local forest, planting and maintaining palm trees, local crop transformation, drinking water, education and so on. There are also possibilities of conducting research activities on a variety of plants and animals species. It’s also possible to learn about the culture and traditional activities of the indigenes and get involved in preaching the gospel. The people are hospitable and eager to learn about new possibilities and opportunities. 


Jack Fruit – 2017


If you’re fit enough, you can get into the local jungle. The local forest is regenerating and hosts many unique species of equatorial plants and animal. Many plans in the local forest are medicinal. With a good telescope, you can observe monkeys, baboons, chimpanzees, porcupines, rat moles and birds of various species, etc. You’ll have the opportunity to witness the think equatorial forest and visit sites such as ravines, valleys, caves, gullies and many other attractions.


Thick Equatorial Forest – Woteva Village Community


If hiking is your hobby, you can explore the Woteva Community Forest and Mount Cameroon. You’ll have the opportunity to get into a much more challenging jungle in the heart of the mountainous forest. You can visit the 1959 eruption site in the Community Forest. Here, you’ll walk miles on quarries and visit the craters. You’ll be lost in a wilderness of your own and spend time listening to sounds of birds and animals and observing unforgettable scenes of nature. With a good camera, you’ll have the opportunity to capture amazing footage and produce adventurous videos of you journey to share with family and friends.



1959 Eruption Crater – Woteva Community Forest

1959 Lava Flow – Woteva Community Forest


During the Second World War, Woteva Village served as a strategic location for German Soldiers. The mountainous forest and surrounding hills served as ideal positions to target and combat their English and French adversaries. Many of the German Soldiers who lost their lives during the war in the forest were buried in mass graves identified by the villagers as ”The Mass German Graves”. You will have the chance to visit these graves in the heart of the Woteva Community Forest. 


Woteva Community Forest


If you hike upwards, north east of the Woteva Community Forest, you’ll get into the Mount Cameroon National Park. This part of the Mountain is owned and maintained by the Cameroon government in collaboration with many international organizations. Here, you can see the mountainous grasslands, hills and valleys. You’ll see many herbivores such as antelopes, deer and elephants.


Fragile Ecological Zone – WCF

Hills in the Mount Cameroon National Park


Woteva Village is unique with its diverse eco-touristic sites. Only a few have been mentioned here. Although this industry is still under studies and development by villagers, the doors are already open for you to explore. You are welcome to Woteva Village, South West Region, Cameroon.


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