Do you have a project or idea you want to design and implement? Do you want to appropriately generate, design and implement an idea or project from scratch? Do you want to generate, design and implement the Idea God’s way? This series will help you go through the process.


The uniqueness of the GCDI Methodology is that it allows you to generate and implement your idea or project with God at the centre of everything. An idea or project generated and implemented with GCDI is God’s will for you in time. With GCDI, you are sure that your idea or project is God-given and that the design and implementation process is Holy Spirit-directed. Also, GCDI helps you to solve specific problems and target specific needs in the Body of Christ and the world as opposed to only enriching yourself.


GCDI is very appropriate in generating Christian start-ups in all fields of life.


Those who apply the GCDI technique to generate and implement projects in the field are known as Faith Entrepreneurs. This simply means that they approach God by faith and rely on Godly wisdom to generate and implement specific ideas to alleviate human sufferings. This allows God to work through them and use them as He desires.


The main Goal of Faith Entrepreneurs is to allow God to use them to do His will on earth.


In any endeavour, faith entrepreneurs have three main objectives:

  • Directly or indirectly bring the Gospel to Unbelievers.
  • Improve the Spiritual Health of Believers in the Body of Christ.
  • Supply the Physical Needs of Believers in the Mission Field.


To meet these objectives, the GCDI methodology consists of four main steps:

  • Reveal: In this stage, you allow God to reveal the idea or project He wants to you. It also allows you to scrupulously analyse and understand the context in which the idea or project will be implemented.


  • Design: With the help of the Holy Spirit, you design the idea through collaborative prototyping and spiritual brainstorming to come up with a prototype of your idea or project.


  • Implement: This step allows you to finally implement the generated and designed prototype in the field.


  • Optimize: In this step, you have the opportunity to learn during the implementation process, record and use all the lessons learned to further develop or strengthen your idea or project in order to come up with a much robust end product.


To ensure that the Faith Entrepreneurs stay in-line with God’s will during the project or idea generation, design and implementation process, the faith entrepreneurs employ the TCLR-Test:


  • T stands for Trustworthy (To ensure that the idea is actually from God).
  • C stands for Compatible (To ensure that the generation, design and implementation align with God’s Word).
  • L stands for Lifechanging (To ensure that the idea achieves its purpose for being in the field).
  • R stands for Resources (To determine available resources and obtain the missing ones).


In the coming series, we will look at each step in the GCDI methodology and its stages. Finally, we will have a detailed analysis of the TCLR-Test.


If you want to learn how to efficiently generate and implement a project or have some great ideas but don’t know how to go about them God’s way, make sure you go through the GCDI Series.


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