In Series 1.1, we learned that the God-Centered Design And Innovation Methodology (GCDI) helps us to generate, design and implement God’s Ideas for us in a manner that Matches His Will. We also learned that the methodology consists of Four main steps (Reveal, Design, Implement and Optimize) and each of these steps is further divided into Stages.


In this Series (1.2), we will begin with the First Step in the GCDI methodology known as Reveal. In Series 1.1, we learned that those who generate and implement God’s ideas are known as Faith Entrepreneurs. In the Reveal Step, the Faith Entrepreneur approaches God to obtain a Specific Revelation (Solution, Idea or Project). There are Five main Stages involved in the Reveal Step. These include:


  • Stage 1: Pray/Fast
  • Stage 2: Identify Challenges & Root Causes
  • Stage 3: Listen & Record
  • Stage 4: Communicate & Prioritize
  • Stage 5: Apply The TCLR-Test


In this series, we will deal with Stage 1 of the Reveal Step.


One major cause of lack of appropriate solutions to problems is the belief that Humans are in Control of Everything. As a result, many solutions humans generate are Man-Made (Humanly Inspired). The ideas of the Natural Human Being are corrupted (1 Corinthians 2:14). Hence, most humans are mostly in search of their Personal Interests than helping one another. Human beings, by themselves, cannot and will never be able to generate ideas that bring Eternal Satisfaction and Fulfilment to their souls. Man-Made Ideas are always Temporal and Fade with time. In other words, they are Vanity.


Contrary to Human Ideas, God’s Ideas are Eternal. He (God) created the world and every human being that exists. He knows what is good and bad for us. God also knows how to use us and bless us in Specific Situations and Times during our existence. One huge problem humans have is understanding their Real Area Of Functionality On Earth. Many people don’t know why they are in this world. They have no Purpose in life.


Prayer and Fasting, therefore, help to put you in line with God’s will and Purpose for you. Most especially when God inspires any endeavour, we have Physical and Spiritual Rewards from it both in this life and in the life to come. Hence, the First Stage in the Reveal Step is to Seek God’s Face. We are not in this world to solve every little problem we see. That’s an impossibility. As long as this current world exists, there’ll always be troubles of diverse nature. Instead, we are in this world to generate and accomplish Specific Projects God Wants Us To Accomplish in order to Advance His Kingdom. That’s our mission on earth.


Through Prayers and Fasting, we can Approach God and Communicate with Him. God has Promised to Reveal (James 1:5) those Specific Ideas and Projects He wants us to Accomplish in our Societies, Communities, Countries, Villages, Organizations, etc. Being our Creator, He is in a better place to tell us what we should do in life every time. Contrary to Faith Entrepreneurs, most Worldly Entrepreneurs feel like chasing the wind. They are never Truly Fulfilled despite Labouring very had. The reason is that Worldly Entrepreneurs generate, design and implement Man-Made Ideas while Faith Entrepreneurs generate, design and implement God’s Ideas.


If we observe our communities and societies carefully, we will discover many areas touching human lives that need improvements. All these areas are potential projects that can serve humanity. But we must never Endeavour Haphazardly. We need to hear from God so that He will guide us to Generate Specific Ideas, Projects or Solutions which He wants us to accomplish (Ephesians 2:10).


Prayer and fasting take various forms and depend on the type of situation. But in the GCDI methodology, we recommend beginning with at least one to three days of fasting and prayers. During this period of concentration, the Faith Entrepreneur(s) do the following:


  • Commit themselves to God to be used by Him
  • Ask God’s will to be done
  • Pray against influences from the enemy (Satan)
  • Authorise God to take the lead
  • Most especially, ask God for wisdom about what exactly to do in the situation (specific project ideas)


Usually, when we approach God in prayers and fasting, there’s already a hard situation we are facing for which we seek a solution. For instance, it could be hunger in the community caused by drought, sicknesses, poverty or lack of basic necessities such as drinking water, education and clothing.


Other times, it could just be approaching God to discover appropriate project ideas to advance His kingdom. For instance, humanitarian work, starting a church or Small Prayer Group, creating a company, helping missionaries, supporting orphans and widows, etc.


Whatever the project may be, let God guide us. The proper way to ensure His guidance is to seek His face in prayer and fasting.


Finally, you must have noticed that the GCDI Methodology is Appropriate for True Believers only. Although anyone can use it to generate projects, it is doubtful if a Non-Believer in his or her Un-Regenerated state can truly profit from its content. For this reason, we advise that anyone who desires to apply the GCDI Methodology first seeks repentance with God.


In the next series, we will deal with Stage 2Identify Challenges & Root Causes


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