In Series 1.3, we learned Identifying Root Causes is indispensable to understand the Context in order to Generate Solutions which are Adapted to it. We also discovered when trying to solve problems, many people neglect a Root Cause Analysis. Hence, they generate Superficial Solutions.


In this Series,  we will deal with Stage 3 of the Reveal Step known as Listen & Record.


After carefully conducting a Root Cause Analysis, the next step is to Listen and Record all the possible Primary Solution Ideas which emerge. A Root Cause Analysis enables Four main things:


  • It reveals the General Context of a problem.
  • It exposes Limitations and Loopholes.
  • It enables the Faith Entrepreneur to begin identifying Possible Solution Design Patterns.
  • It forces the Faith Entrepreneur to Pay Attention To Details.


When in search of relief, it’s a common thing for many to implement any solution that comes to mind. Most people aren’t patient. They never take the time to generate the best solution for the problem they’re trying to solve. The probability to derive lasting solutions in such cases is, therefore, very low.


Faith Entrepreneurs don’t operate haphazardly. They’re not in a haste. They always adopt a Targeted Scientific Approach to solve problems and rely on the Holy Spirit for Specific Revelations.


Listening involves diligently collecting Possible Specific Solution Ideas from the Holy Spirit to solve the Problem. These possible solutions ideas are derived from the Root Causes Analysis Information.


Recording involves writing everything the Holy Spirit Reveals to you. Whether an Individual or Group Project, Listen & Record as many Solution Ideas as possible.


During our Lean Six Sigma Project to improve the performances of students of the LifeWayLight Schools in Tanzania, we did two things after conducting a Root Cause Analysis:


  • First, we extracted possible causes we discovered were the main problems to poor performances.
  • Second, for each problem, we diligently proposed possible solution ideas and approaches.


This enabled us to generate appropriate solutions patterns to each of the problems we identified. No doubt the performances of the students increased considerably after we implemented the recommendations.


Listening to the Holy Spirit and Recording His Revelations helps to specify the problem and possible solutions. It also helps to identify possible Matrices the Faith Entrepreneur uses to measure the Effectiveness of the solution methods and possible Improvement Options after the methods have been implemented.


Note: Listen & Record is only a preliminary step to designing concrete solution patterns. The ideas you derive in this stage are not the Definitive Solution. This stage enables you to collect all Possible Solutions by the Help of the Holy Spirit. These possible solution patterns will be categorized, re-designed and re-organized on Stage 4 (Communicate & Prioritize) to obtain final solutions.


As a conclusion, Listen & Record is a very important stage you shouldn’t miss when in search for concrete solutions. Moreover, the process of listening and recording is engineered by the Holy Spirit. He reveals what solutions are appropriate for the problem. The Faith Entrepreneur listens diligently to Him and records everything. Most importantly, these preliminary solutions are derived from the information you obtain after conducting a Root Cause Analysis.


In the next Series (Series 1.5), we will deal with how the Faith Entrepreneur develops the final draft of solutions through effective communication techniques and group discussions methods.


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