In Series 1.4, we discovered by listening to the Holy Spirit after a careful Root Cause Analysis, the Faith Entrepreneur obtains and records possible Primary Solution Ideas/Projects. The ideas generated on this stage aren’t the final solutions. But it’s important to record as many solution ideas as possible.


In this Series, we’ll deal with Stage 4 of the Reveal Step known as Communicate & Prioritize


For every problem, there’s at least one solution. But for most problems, there’re many possible solutions. Some solutions are cheap. Others are costly. But the cost of a solution doesn’t always determine its efficacy. Neither is choosing the most economical guarantee a good impact. For these reasons, we need a good balance between cost and efficacy when choosing projects and design patterns.


Appropriate Communication, Discussions and Prioritization help Faith Entrepreneurs decide the best project ideas to the problem and context. In most cases, these should be inclusive discussions, especially when dealing with social projects.


Communicating & Prioritizing help the faith entrepreneur in the following ways:


  • To choose the most feasible solution idea(s) to the problem and context from the list of proposed solutions.
  • Eliminate solution ideas which are complicated and hard to achieve with available resources.
  • Select the solution idea(s) with the most impact.
  • Educate important stakeholders of the importance of the project.
  • Identify stakeholders who may be interested in the idea/project and solicit their inputs.
  • Learn more about the proposed solution(s) and possible implementation barriers.


In order to encourage the development of social innovations in Woteva village, we organized a workshop. Villagers were able to interact in groups to generate many specific and cost-effective projects which can be implemented in the village.


But we also discussed the importance of planting Cedrela tree species among local species as a group. We organized a field trip to the Cedrela Demonstration Farms. Villagers could evaluate the project and provide valuable inputs on how to proceed with its implementation. In this way, they participate in generating solutions to the problems in their community.


Good Communication and Prioritization can be achieved in diverse ways. But it also depends on the context, location, settings and available resources.


Brainstorming Techniques will probably achieve better results with Community Development Projects. The Capacities of Young Entrepreneurs and Innovators can best be evaluated and strengthened in Workshops and Forums. Meetings, Conferences, Seminars, Chats Groups, Expert Consultation and Targeted Education shouldn’t be neglected.


A good solution to a Social Problem consists of Four Important Components:


  • It should be achievable within the limits of available resources.
  • It should be realistic and feasible.
  • It should be cost-effective.
  • It should have a high impact.


Communicate & Prioritization help the faith entrepreneur identify the Best Solution Idea/project to the Problem. That’s the main goal of the Reveal Step. Once you know the appropriate project to implement, part of the problem is solved.


In Series 1.6, we’ll talk about Testing your project idea to ensure it stays in line with God’s Standards and Principles.


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