The two main categories of resources include human and non-human resources. Human resources are simply human beings and their diverse strengths, gifts and talents. A human resource is made up of two main components – first, the human being itself and second, what that being can offer to this world or his/her community. The former is tangible while the latter is intangible.


Good examples of human resources are project managers, administrators, labourers, engineers, teachers, musicians, managers, humanitarian professionals and all the trades you can have on earth. Contrary to what people think, no human being is useless. Every human, no matter his condition, is equipped by God with certain abilities, talents, skills or qualities to accomplish specific tasks and projects on earth. The only reason why some people think they are not valuable is that they have either not discovered the talents hidden in them or trained themselves to properly utilize their God-given gifts to profit mankind and their communities. Humans can also acquire additional intangible skills through training and studies.


Non-human resources, on the other hand, are those visible or invisible things found in communities all over the world which human resources can transform into valuable assets to maintain the physical survival and well-being of people. Here also, there are two types – natural and man-made resources. Natural resources will include things such as forest resources, mineral resources, lakes, oceans, rain, sun, etc. Man-made resources include caterpillars, cars, planes, phones, machines, industrial plants, etc.


Below are two ways people can properly exploit the resources in their community:


Create Skill/Competence-Based Associations


Associations are simply people coming together to work as one people for a particular purpose. The purpose, in this case, is improving the well-being and quality of life of people in the community. Interestingly, even though humans have inbuilt skills, gifts, talents, strengths and abilities, there are possibilities to sharpen them further to become competent. Hence, human beings are bound to explore diverse possibilities to generate solution patterns that address their needs. Things are made that way by God to make life more interesting. We always need to find solutions through creativity, research and innovation. There is no better way of achieving this than by coming together in competent-based associations. These associations are created according to needs in the community and available resources and their advantage is that the people in any association have similar interests and pursue a unique purpose. Hence, they are able to utilize their skills to obtain concrete and effective answers faster to the benefit of the whole community.


Define Concrete Goals And Objectives


When needs in the community are identified and associations have been created, the people in each association set realistic and achievable targets for themselves. In this way, they utilize their skills in a result-oriented manner. In this world, there is no such thing as chance. When you have goals in life, it is an indication that you know where you are coming from, where you are right now and what you want to become. Goals and objectives help you to identify essential needs and prioritize them, explore, identify and classify human and non-human resources in a proper manner and drive all efforts towards specific targets. In this way, people in the associations work effectively to shape their future, improve the well-being of all members of their community and generate solutions that target specific needs rather than only trying to fulfil personal interests and desires.


As a conclusion, human and non-human resources exist in every community in the world. Human resources are meant to transform non-human resources into valuable assets that can benefit mankind. The process is made effective in competence-based associations where needs are carefully identified and goals and targets set to ensure efficacy in generating solutions that profit the whole community. Therefore, get to work!


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