In this world, there’ll always be poor and rich communities because many worldly systems promote selfish agendas such as social inequalities, unbalanced exploitation and unequal policies and laws. The rich always want to maintain the gaps that exist between them and the poor and most agendas promoting a world in which people have equal rights and benefits are, unfortunately, degraded by biased and selfish schemes promoted by selfish individuals and nations. Therefore, thriving in such a world requires a conscious science of self-realization, analysis and determined action plan to take one’s progress at hand. To be successful, individuals and communities need two important things among many others;


  1. Proper And Targeted Education And Training


God has blessed all parts of the world with specific resources. These resources should be primarily exploited to benefit the people living in those communities. For this to become a reality, children and members of each community should first, identify the available resources in their communities and second, obtain specified training and knowledge to exploit, redistribute and commercialize those resources to benefit the community.


Unfortunately, what we see in many societies and especially poor places of the world is different. Many communities don’t own anything. In other words, these communities depend on products which don’t originate from local creativity and initiatives and at the same time, valuable local resources are being exploited to benefit other countries. This happens because the policies ensuring the exploitation of those resources are not in favour of the people in whose communities the resources originally come from. Many political minds in positions of power conspire with multinational companies and organization to exploit local resources for individual wealth and riches at the expense of local community development. Hence, the need for educated and well-trained local individuals in the community.


Apart from a proper and targeted training and education of community people, these issues can be confronted effectively with the second point below:



2. Effective Collaboration And Partnerships


Unity is power but many people and communities are in pursuit of personal interests and gain. Collaboration, however, ensures that brains in the community organize, plan, control, monitor and properly exploit resources to benefit community members. Where there is no collaboration, efforts are scattered, projects are weaker and uncoordinated and as a consequence, the community is rendered permeable to external resources predators and hunters. Collaboration ensures that the community members recognize and utilize their strengths and identify and develop targeted or required partnerships with external stakeholders to ensure that their dignity is maintained.


As a conclusion, the obtainment of professionalized and targeted education and training of local community inhabitants and unity of brains in generating and implementing solutions ensure that the community effectively handles threats from external multinational exploiters who have no respect for local development policies and laws. In this world, no one will give you freedom and development. You have to prudently and systematically seize it by force from a deteriorated and cruel world. Therefore, make the right choices for yourself and future generations.


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