Terms & Conditions

To work with Treff-End, you must agree to our Terms & Conditions.

Treff-End’s Vision

Our vision explains what we want to achieve in the future.

Treff-End’s Constitution

Our constitution is a body of fundamental principles that guides our endeavors.

Treff-End’s Values

Our values are social ideas and qualities that guide our work.


How To Use Tools & Tests

Discover how to apply Treff-End’s tools and tests.

Treff-End Project Tools

Treff-End Project Tools give you full theoretical details on how to generate and carry out a project from scratch.

Practical Project Tools

Treff-End Practical Tools help you apply everything in the Project Tools. All you need to do is download this document and fill the gaps.


TCLR-test description

The TCLR-test description document explains everything you need to know about the different tests.



TCLR-resources test

The TCLR-resources test checks
availability of human, material & financial resources

TCLR-trustworthy test

The TCLR-trustworthy test examines the authenticity & integrity of your project idea.

TCLR-compatible test

The TCLR-compatible test tests your project idea against God’s Word & the context.

TCLR-lifechanging test

The TCLR-lifechanging test evaluates the spiritual & physical needs
your project idea meets in the field.