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Project Tools

You want to have a tremendous impact on your community and generation by becoming an efficient entrepreneur? You can generate and carry out your own project idea. To do it successfully God’s way, we put together a series of tools to assist you. Below are the benefits of using Treff-End’s Project Tools:

  • Generate and optimize your project in four simple steps.
  • Each step comprises complimentary stages.
  • People with little computer knowledge can print and use the tools successfully.
  • Effective for personal, family, group, or community project ideas.
  • The tools allow God to guide you to carry out your idea His way.
  • The end product is God’s will for you.

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Test Tools

Generating an idea that has a great impact on the field depends on several factors. Most people define success by the wealth and material things they’ve accumulated. True success, however, is determined by how much we let God use us to build His kingdom. The principal focus, therefore, revolves around winning souls into His kingdom and trusting Him to build them up. How do you know your project idea satisfies these criteria? We put together these test tools to check:

  • The trustworthiness of your project idea. Whether the idea is God-breathed.
  • The compatibility of the project idea. Whether the idea matches the spiritual and physical contexts.
  • Evaluate the impact the project idea has in the field.
  • Determine whether you’ve got the resources for the idea.

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Treff-End is involved on various fronts in the field. You can bring in your inputs and contribute to the growth and development of the community. We are constantly looking for fresh adventures. Join us generate and nurture great ideas. Visit our blog to learn more about our specific activities. 

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There are endless possibilities of how you can partner with us and contribute to add value to people’s lives, God’s kingdom, and your own personal life. This depends on how God wants to use you. We value the gifts and resources God gave you. Find out more about this on our partnership page.


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