Wewuley Consultancy

Forest & Environment Management, Consultancy on Forest Inventory/Management, Herbarium Collection, Landscaping and Research on Medicinal Plants.

P.O. Box 60, Bova II, Buea, Fako Division, South West Region

Master Planner Foundation

Our Strategic community development partner in Cameroon

Sandpit Buea, Cameroon

South West Region

LifeWayLight Trust TZ

Our strategic child education & capacity building partner in Tanzania

P.O. Box 19, Mkuranga

Coast Region, Tanzania

Efande Young Palm Planters

EYOPP CIG, Common Initiative Group Woteva Village

SW Region Cameroon

Woteva Community Forest

Regeneration of natural forest species

East Foot of Mount Cameroon

Woteva Village, SWR, Cameroon

Christ Liberation Ministries

Field partner, social innovations and evangelism

Benis City, Nigeria