We’re happy to learn you want to work with us. We have many projects needing support in Cameroon, Tanzania, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Switzerland, Mauritania and Zanzibar. Projects include Child Education, Community Development, Church Planting in Muslim Communities, Equipping Churches, Discipleship, Evangelism, Bible Study, Tree Planting, Start-Up Development, Orphan Care, Social Innovations, Animal Husbandry, Local Workshops and Training, Capacity Building and more.

There’re three ways you can engage:

First, you can sponsor a specific project. This option depends on your capacity. Express your desire to sponsor one. We will discuss a list of projects from which you can choose. You can then decide how you want to engage, and to what capacity. You’re in the driver’s seat. We work together with you, design the project using our tools, and help you implement it. We want God to do His will in your life.

Second, we give you an opportunity to go to the field and carry out your project with the locals. You enjoy adventures, want God to use you in the front line. Go for it. Our education projects in Tanzania need you. The children of Goma in the Democratic Republic of Congo cry out for help. Our partner in the eastern part of Nigeria works with children and teens. She needs your support. In Cameroon, a group of Christian youths are into Start-up development. Use our tools to have great impact in the field. We want you to use your gifts to reach out to nations.

Third, our approach to fundraising is different. We want to work with our hands, make a profit, and re-invest in Christian projects and our expansion. We have targeted businesses on prospects. Our online shop will soon be operational. And we trust God to own hostel facilities in many locations. We’re also into halls and accommodations.

Do you own property you want God to use? Have you ‘‘laid up for yourself treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy 

and where thieves break in and steal?’’ We welcome you to ‘‘lay up for yourself treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal.’’ (Matthew 6:19-20). Why not partner with us? Let’s implement great ideas together for God’s glory. Get in touch.


Treff-End Organization

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