We’re delighted to know you want to work with us. There are many projects in need of support in Cameroon, Tanzania, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, India, Switzerland, Mauritania, and Zanzibar. Our projects encompass various areas of start-up development and social innovations.

Do you love adventures and want to be used by God on the front lines? We offer you a chance to work on projects in the field alongside the locals.

Our fundraising strategy is unique. Our goal is to work, make a profit, and reinvest in start-ups and social innovation initiatives.

This is how you can support us:-

Support one of our business models as a sponsor. Treff-End Brand of (hostel facilities, cafés, halls, and accommodations).

Support us in getting our import/export enterprise off the ground.

Do you possess any property or resources you want God to use? Feel free to offer us helpful ones.

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